Monday, May 2, 2011

Comic Strip- Schizofun Special: EDMD 2011

It's EDMD month!

EDMD is there in order to express our freedom of speech and our right to draw whoever and whatever we want, Muhammad included, regardless of religious laws and hangups of others.

This strip aim to ridicule the radical muslims, those that go on our EDMD pages and threat to kill us, rape our mothers and sisters (or us, in case we are in fact, women), and try their pathetic "best" to prevent us from using our right of free speech.

I don't hate or dislike Muslims as a whole, I don't care what they believe in as long as they don't try to impose it on me ... so if you are offended by this comic strip, just chillax, breath deep and count to 100. Then close this window and forget you've ever been here.


  1. The best strip ever!!!!
    congrats girl

  2. Hilarious. :)
    Free Speach FTW!